E.L.E Executive Team Job Descriptions

O P E R A T I O N S   T E A M



  • Administrative tasks (e.g., paperwork, responding to inquiries, hiring, and providing updates to partners)
  • Overseeing the execution of the strategy plan set out for 2015 edition of the festival
  • Present at all meetings
  • Artist booking
  • Maintain contact with Board of Directors throughout the year
  • Help all VPs and Directors as needed in their roles
  • Hold regular meetings with the entire exec (goal = bi-monthly) and the VP team (monthly or bi-weekly)
  • Develop relationships with other schools who may embrace E.L.E. in the future
  • Ensure goals are being met and tracked
  • In line with founders and University of Ottawa Community Life Services.

Vice-President of Finance

  • Monitor account balances and organize/track all revenues and expenses using Excel or Quickbooks.
  • Collect cash and cheques (responsible for cashbox).
  • Provide different executives with a cash box and float as needed for their events.
  • Work alongside the President and VP Sponsorship to contact and invoice sponsors.
  • Maintain communication with President, VP Sponsorship and entire sponsorship team through Google Docs and regular meetings.
  • Approve and reimburse executive members as needed.
  • Meet with SFUO club’s coordinator to set up bank account.
  • Understand regulations for reimbursements from SFUO / collect all receipts.

M A R K E T I N G   T E A M


Vice-President of Marketing

  • Develop an all-encompassing marketing strategy to promote E.L.E.’s vision and events throughout the year (this strategy should include many forms of social media, word of mouth, print and other mediums).
  • Oversee Director of Media as they assist in the execution of the marketing strategy. Communicate with the Director of Events to ensure events are being properly promoted. Act as first point of contact with Telfer Marketing, University of Ottawa media outlets and outside media outlets. Communicate with VP Sponsorship to ensure proper promotion of sponsors.
  • Works closely with president and founders to maintain the original vision while pushing E.L.E forward..
  • Devise a theme that complements the vision in which E.L.E is presented, by implementing ideas that are visible as on-venue decorations, promotional strategies in marketing campaign (multiple) ,

Promotions Director / Brand Manager

  • Advertise and create awareness for small to large-scale events and main concert/festival.
  • Creating ads and spreading awareness of events through multiple channels of social media and personal interaction with target audience.
  • Works closely with president, founders and VP marketing
  • Involved in bracelet design, tickets, postering, etc,
  • Promotions campaign leader

Director of Media / Creative Director

  • Document all events (photo and video).
  • Assist VP Marketing / Director of Social Events in execution of all marketing efforts (social media, word of mouth, print etc.).
  • Assist marketing team in development of all printed design materials to support all E.L.E. events (ex. Program, sponsorship package, etc.).
  • Monitor and update website. (tentative task)

P A R T N E R S H I P   T E A M


Vice-President of Partnership & Sponsorship

  •  Manage and motivate sponsorship team.
  • Establish new ventures between appropriate business with President.
  • Delegate returning sponsors to sponsorship team.
  • Encourage and assist other executive members as they reach out to personal contacts and potential sponsors.
  • Contact and secure previous and current sponsors.
  • Works closely with VP Finance to track every contact and sponsor.
  • Communicate with marketing team to ensure proper sponsor promotion.
  • Assist President with development of Sponsorship Package.

Vending Director / Logistics Supervisor

  •  Contacts top restaurants and food emporiums in local area
  • Aid with sales plan of sponsorships/partnerships
  • Layout to ensure no thirst or hunger at festival
  • Communicate with University of Ottawa’s Community Life Services to manage sponsor and vendor booth placement
  • Work with VP Sponsorship and Partnership
  • Assists with developing, writing and reviewing documentation (application, rules and regulations and terms of conditions) for sponsorships and vendors in collaboration with partners

R E L A T I O N S    T E A M


Vice-President of External Relations

  • Manage your fellow Volunteer Coordinator and Director of Events.
  • Act as the point of contact to the President regarding all external activities.
  • Organize and run small fundraising initiatives (ex. Bake sales, change drive etc.).
  • Support any executive member who proposes a new fundraising event/initiative.
  • Search for new opportunities where E.L.E. can be involved in the community.

Director of Social Events

  • Host pub nights and sell tickets to pub night
  • Work with all VP’s and meet their needs (sponsorship, partnership, brand), they will serve you as needed (promotion, marketing, etc..)
  • pub nights (including theme creation, communication with venue, pick-up/distribution of tickets/posters/promotion).
  • Collect all money from ticket sales and venues and deliver to VP Finance.
  • Organize ticket sales including scheduling and table booking.
  • Help the President plan and organize executive bonding events (dinners, etc).
  • Aid with setting up door operations and admission control at festival.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Report to and communicate with VP External.
  • Select volunteers to help with community involvement and at the festival.
  • Schedule shifts for volunteers, for both work and enjoyment to roam at the festival.
  • Work with fellow VP’s to strategize a budget to have volunteer/staff tshirts worn.
  • Devise a program (with VP External) to legitimize experience acquired at festival in order to attract high school students, provide opportunity for community involvement.
  • Communicate with exec for volunteer needs/requests (especially VP Logistics, Creative Director, Auction Coordinator and Director of Community Initiatives). Help clarify volunteer roles and responsibilities. Assign volunteers to people/tasks and manage their work.
  • Act as the first point of contact for all current and interested volunteers. (volunteers@elefest.com)

O N – P R E M I S E    T E A M

Artist Liaisons (on premise)

  • Execute schedule for the day
  • Artist accommodation
  • Artist assistance, snacks, etc. – work with booking agency
  • off premise: PROMOTER / VP External

Box Office Director (on premise)

  • Manage all door operations for/at the festival.
  • Hire teams for admission control
  • Work with box office software and troubleshooting issues for clients
  • Work with staff from sponsored acts, security units and handling large cash amounts
  • Customer assistance
  • Implementation and day of set up
  • Off premise: PROMOTER / VP Finance / Director of Social Events