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E.L.E are affiliated with a trusted covent of Audio Engineers who record, mix, and master audio religiously. We endorse their work and hope that you choose one of our talented friends to work with you on yuor next track.

Julian Moore:

Nicholas Guillen (LaGuil)

Nick Guillen, a mixing/recording engineer and producer, grew up in the west end of Ottawa. By the time he was 10 years old, Nick found himself intrigued by the art of production and composition. He began using digital audio workstations, originally mistaken for computer games, such as Sony Acid and FL Studio. Nick was mesmerized when he stumbled upon the ability to produce his own sounds and loops. For a majority of his grade school years, Nick continued producing and recording short vocal clips in FL Studio, eventually producing his first project with a compilation of 10 songs by the time he was 13 years old. Nick also used Adobe Audition, Cubase, Ableton, and was designing his own sounds.

After High school, Nick took the Algonquin Music Industry Arts program where he learned Pro Tools. It was then were he picked up the art of sculpting desired sounds on tracks, such as vocals and drums.
He was awarded the ‘best mix award’ before graduating on a mix he did for an artist that he was working with.
Following his post-secondary studies, Nick went directly to Pebble Studios, where he started working and learning how to use out board gear and the SSL. Within 18 months, he began using the board comfortably. He specialized in electronic dance music and hip-hop, as those were also the two genres he produced.

At this time, Nick is currently freelancing and working on projects internationally. If you are interested in booking him for a project, or have an inquiry, Nick would greatly answer via contact.

The services he is offering are:

Mixing & Mastering
Mixing & Mastering play a huge roll in your music sonic phydelity. What I do is listen to the original mix I get from you so that I can try to capture everything you were trying to put out with the song and enhance the feel of it. (e.g Bigger Drums, Synths, ect…) This includes vocal mixing and tuning. I use state of the art software such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Bit Wig, Fl Studio and Logic X. I also use virtual software for effects by UAD, WAVES and many more.

Beat Productions
I Produce custom records for artist using ableton live. With state of the artis virtual instruments I can produce original tracks. It can be Hip Hop, House, Pop, Dubstep, R&B as along as you send a refference or a clear idea of what you want. I can make it for you exclusively for you only.

Recording & Tracking
If you are looking to record industry sounding vocal for an afforable price, look no further. At only $50/h you get to record with me one on one with a quick mix included. If you need Autotune, its there. Melodyne? Not a problem. Drums and Guitar? We have amps and simulations of your favourite gear!

Visit his website at:

Julian Maurice Moore (Maurice Moore)

Living on the red-eye flight between L.A. and Ottawa, Julian is often home from amazing trips to L.A. where he works with his biggest inspirations and meets with his favorite labels. While he is home, he wants to work with all local artists by opening up his private studio to the city.

The services he is offering are:

• Recording
• Mixing
• Production
• Songwriting
• Creative Direction
• Vocal Coaching

Email him for rates –